Recent Before & After Photos

Soot Filled Sink!

This home in Northern California has been affected significantly by smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO of Aurora restored this soot filled sink to its previous cond... READ MORE

Tubbs Fire

5,500 homes have been affected in Northern California by the Tubbs wildfire fire! SERVPRO of Aurora jumped to the opportunity to provide fire restoration servic... READ MORE

Basement Affected by Mold in Aurora, CO

Mold can't always be seen, but may reside in the walls of your home. Mold was growing behind these walls in an Aurora basement. SERVPRO of Aurora carefully remo... READ MORE

Chicago Storm

Storm Damage can be stressful, but this home owner in Chicago called SERVPRO. SERVPRO of Aurora responded promptly to this home affected by the storm. Our Techn... READ MORE

Flooded Library Basement in Denver, Colorado

This Library Basement flooded! "Who did they call?" SERVPRO of Aurora. This Library was restored to pre-flood condition thanks to the hard work provided by SERV... READ MORE

Mold Infestation in Aurora CO

Mold growth through this carpet in an Aurora, Colorado home concerned the home owner. After further inspection of the mold underneath the carpet and behind the ... READ MORE


This home in Aurora, Colorado has experienced slight water damage due to water rainfall sneaking through a basement window. SERVPRO of Aurora Technicians were a... READ MORE

Flooded Laundry Room?

SERVPRO of Aurora arrives at an Aurora home to provide water restoration services for a client in need.When you are dealing with water damage, immedia... READ MORE

Restored Living Room in Aurora, CO

SERVPRO of Aurora provided fire restoration services at this home in Aurora, Colorado. Our technicians are dedicated to providing quality services when it comes... READ MORE

Fire Restoration

This Bathroom suffered from significant fire damage. However, SERVPRO of Aurora Technicians restored the bathroom to what it once was.After the fire trucks leav... READ MORE